Valerie Stern, All Our Yesterdays Genealogical Research


I am so happy that I came across Valerie Stern's website.  I was at a dead-end in my genealogy research and I really felt like I needed the help of a certified genealogist.  Valerie is a true professional -- the report that she wrote was absolutely astounding!  It covered everything including church, cemetery, land, newspaper, probate and county records.  She even included suggestions for further research.  The service that Valerie provided to our family was truly priceless.

Cheryl Baker


Valerie's research on my behalf uncovered so many surprises regarding my family. It is assumed that genealogists enjoy research, otherwise they would be in another field, however, I find Valerie's enthusiasm for unraveling the mysteries to be beyond the norm. She seemed to truly love the search and was as excited about the clues she unearthed as I was. Her work is meticulous and thoughtful, and she is very organized.

I am impressed with her comprehensive approach and the way she educated herself on the area and the times my family lived in. I now have a much clearer picture of who they were and how they fit into the context of history. I definitely recommend Valerie Stern's research services.

Carol Southwick



Thank you for your work on the ancestor search you conducted for me.  Your research was thorough and well documented, and I appreciated your keeping me informed of your progress.  I felt that you gave my request careful attention and am thoroughly satisfied with your detailed final report. When I hear of anyone interested in researching their genealogy, I will certainly recommend that they contact you.

Sincerely yours,

Robert W. Tuthill
Professor Emeritus
UMass at Amherst

Valerie Stern did a fabulous job of researching my family history, which reached back 175 years and covered four countries. Her attention to detail, ability to ferret out connections and enjoyment of the combination of detective work and just plain slogging are remarkable. She writes well and will make the story of your ancestors come alive. Highly recommended!

Noni Brill